Launching A New Project: ‘Restored 3:17’

Becci has been part of the Through The Waters family by proxy since the beginning but recently has been developing a new part of Through The Waters life and we are excited to officially launch ‘Restored 3:17‘. Read more about the project and Becci’s passion for restoration and creativity…

We passionately believe that worship isn’t just about singing songs or making music but about the whole of our lives. How do you see furniture restoration as part of your worship and how does it help you connect with God?

I have always enjoyed crafting and being creative, whether that be practical things like sewing, painting, imaginary games or be it more thoughtful, in coming up with ideas and creative solutions to questions I’ve faced, it’s something that’s been a part of me as long as I can remember. Singing has never been a strong point * for me (although I enjoy it) and it’s often led me to struggle in working out how creativity and worship fit together when so much of the corporate church worship I’ve experienced is in the form of song. Our God is creative God, and we are created in His image. There is something in everyone of us, in our very nature and being, that is creative. We aren’t all singers and musicians but we are all creative beings, and discovering and using our creativity is worship to God.

How did I discover I enjoyed restoring furniture? Well, 16 years ago my sister and I bought an old set of drawers with a mirror part on the top from a charity shop in the town where we lived. We loved it and cleaned it up and it became a shared piece of furniture in our bedroom. This was my first venture into restoring furniture and it has slowly grown from there. Finding furniture to restore is all about seeing the potential in things. It may be old, damp, warped and fit for the tip but at one stage it was beautiful, what can I do to bring that beauty back? The process is hard work but very therapeutic and rewarding seeing what has been achieved by the end. Scrape off the grime, wash it down, fill in the holes, and start to bring it back to life. The finished piece is never truly finished until it finds a home and somewhere it can be used again. Most furniture still bares the marks of its age and wear but for me that somehow adds to the wonder of it. It reminds me a little of ourselves. We too bear the scars and marks of life, we have fallen short of Gods requirements in many ways, but at the very same time, He is continually restoring us until perfection. God, the master craftsman, doesn’t let us go to the tip, He doesn’t write us off and say woah, too much damage there. He tenderly and lovingly says come to me, I will care for you, mend you, show you your beauty again.

For me, discovering my gifts and skills and then putting them to good use is a way of worshipping God. What are you passionate about? What gifts and skills do you have? What would you love to learn? God didn’t create us with all this potential and with these abilities to sit back and do nothing about it. Ask God how He is calling you to use your own passions and talents to honour Him and bring glory to His name.

*complete understatement!

Some of Becci’s recently completed projects (unfortunately already sold but we look forward to sharing some new ones with you soon):

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